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Sign our petition.

We have prepared a simple petition to oppose the bypass and to support an upgrade to the existing A27, this can be completed online here.


Alternatively, a paper copy can be downloaded here, printed and returned to the address on the form. 


Time is short and we need to collect as much support before the public consultation.


We need to act now to make sure voices are heard.

What you can do...

Write to 'Highways England'


Highways England have engaged Mott MacDonald to make an assessment of the options for improvements to the A27. Once these go to public consultation we firmly believe that the die will have been cast.
Your views should be expressed directly to Highways England.
Please do write and express your concerns and encourage others to do the same.
The South East regional Director at Highways England, Simon Jones, who is responsible for this project can be contacted direct using his


The project team can be emailed here,





Sign the Business Petition

We have also launched a new Business petition


The Chichester Deserves Better campaign is about supporting improvements to the existing road through a series of upgrades to all the junctions to help LOCAL business and not comercial THROUGH traffic


If you are a local business owner, no matter if you employ 2 people or 200 you can have your say about what is best for your business even if you have already signed our main petition.


Write to as many Councillors as possible - not just your own.


It is important that both district and county councillors are made aware of the opposition to the bypass and how it will have no benefit to the area as a whole. A short, personally written email or letter to your councillor will have an impact and the more people that write the more powerful the message becomes. We would urge you to write to or email your councillors


Contact details of individual District councillors can be found here


Contact details of individual County councillors can be found here


Please send a copy of any emails you send to us

Write to your MP - Andrew Tyrie


This is a major scheme and decisions will be made at the highest level. Andrew Tyrie has publicly said that he is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of the Chichester District and the Downs for generations to come. His support is therefore expected but this will only happen with pressure from constituents to ensure he is acting now before it is too late.


We would urge you to write to Mr Tyrie either via email or if you prefer you can write to him at:


The Rt Hon Andrew Tyrie MP

House of Commons



Write to Department for transport Minister Andrew Jones


The review of options to improve the A27 is being prepared by Mott MacDonald under instruction from Highways England who will select a "preferred option"


This preferred option is then developed in detail and an application made formally, much in the way a planning application is made for new housing. The final decision, we believe, will be made by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Transport Andrew Jones. 


We would urge EVERY one who feels strongly that the existing road should be improved rather than building a new one, should write to Andrew Jones. Your voice CAN make a difference for the price of a stamp.


We have prepared a template letter here which you can download and simply print, add your name and address, sign and send.

Please feel free to add to the letter and personalise it if you wish.


Please take 5 minutes to send this letter and encourage others to do the same, it really can make a difference.

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