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The area to the north of the city is largely undeveloped and there is a thin corridor of land between the upper reaches of the city and the south of the National Park. This area is well known to many locally with the so called Daffodil field to the east of the A286 that has consistently fought off development and the very popular recreational area at the end of Hunters Race to the west where many people walk regularly, accessed from the City by the much used Centurion Way.


The photograph below looking north shows the beauty and undeveloped rural nature of this area with the South Downs National Park in the middle of the photograph and beyond.

From the draft options that have been leaked it would appear that there is consideration of a split grade roundabout to link the A286 and the new bypass within the Daffodil Field, the photograph below is an example of such a junction and gives an idea of the sort of impact a new bypass might have on this beautiful landscape.

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